Changelog / Updates

All changes to game mechanisms & App versions are updated here.

v0.2.9 - Oct 18, 2023


  • Add theme for running result: When you finish your running, you'll be able to select Halloween theme for your running result.

v0.2.8 - Oct 09, 2023


  • Minting NFT in Astar Network & Staking Astar Event

  • Manta Campaign: MoonFit 1st's on-chain activities on the Manta Network

  • Withdrawing Astar Token from MoonFit app

v0.2.7 - Sep 21, 2023

Features & Updates:

  • Exchange MFR/$tMFG for rewards.

  • Support Astar Network (Token, NFT).

  • Add images after a running session ends.

  • Disable Weekly Raffle feature.

  • Keeping MoonBox in 48 hours while no slot.

Bug fixes:

  • Standardize running distance during and after running.

  • Fix some UI errors: Flow Deposit, Withdraw, Claim Item.

v0.2.6 - Jul 11, 2023

Features & Updates:

  • Launch the Apple Watch Application

  • Remove Beta Testing mode

  • Allow unlocking equipment position when reaching required level (remove sequence requirement)

  • MoonItem will boost the attribute value of MoonBeast after level up instead of the original value

  • Update NFT info to Tofu: Level, Breed, Social, Endurance, Luck, Speed, etc.

  • Withdraw NFT when health = 100%

Bug fixes:

  • Application crashes when reloading at event list screen.

v0.2.5 - May 10, 2023

Features & Improvements:

1. Badges system: User runs or completes tasks to get valued badges.

2. Account deletion: Allow user to delete their own account.

3. Optimizing screens loading: Improve the application user experiences.

Bug fixes:

1. Wrong order of tasks in Daily Mission.

2. Can not enter decimal when selling item (on iOS).

v0.2.4 - Mar 31, 2023

Features and Updates:

  1. User Referral.

  2. Events for new user: Referral Campaign, Welcome Raffle, Welcome Task.

  3. In-app NFT Minting.

  4. In-app MintPass Deposit.

  5. Remove 1 GLMR Deposit restriction.

  6. No selling MoonBeast, MintPass on Marketplace.

  7. New UI for Daily Mission and Home Screen.

Bug fixes:

  1. Wrong refilling daily target. Lost running map details.

v0.2.3 - Mar 01, 2023

Feature & Improvements:

  1. Use library images to share a running session

  2. Faster loading training history screen

  3. Add "All time" sorting on the training history screen

  4. Allow turning off the screen when the countdown

  5. Monthly Recap feature on the training history screen

Bug fixes:

  1. Infinite loading when opening a MoonBox

  2. Use the default camera on iOS

  3. Add both Start & End points on the running map

  4. The "Back" button is not working on the finish screen

  5. Re-generate map to fix unavailable map issue

v0.2.2 - Jan 19, 2023

Bug fixes and improvements:

  1. Infinite loading on equipping items & reserving target

  2. Lost image after a running session ends.

  3. Unable to deposit new NFT if GLMR >= 1

  4. Application crashes.

  5. Unable to open camera while running

  6. Optimize camera feature.

  7. Improve UI of 2FA Pop-up, Deposit, Withdraw, Daily mission, etc.

  8. Daily mission accumulation without claiming the reward

v0.2.1 - Jan 4, 2023


  1. Clan Management: Update clan info, request to join clan, leave clan.

  2. Daily Bonus: Add daily mission and rewards.

  3. Lucky Wheel: Free spin, rewards, ticket for weekly raffle, and more.

  4. Weekly Raffle: Collect tickets and get rewards weekly via lucky draw.

  5. Update fee when opening MoonBox or buying MoonBox slot .

  6. Update anti-cheating mechanism.

  7. Remove introductory reward for the incentivized testnet.

Bug fix & improvements:

  1. App crashes while start running.

  2. Lost screenshots after stop running.

v0.2.0 - 6 Dec, 2022 - Incentivized Testnet Phase #1

New features:

  1. Launch Incentivized Testnet Phase 1.

  2. Reward for Incentivized Testnet participant (tMFG).

  3. Deposit & withdraw GLMR/MoonBeast.

  4. Synchronize clan info to Testnet.

v0.1.7 - Nov 9, 2022

New features:

  1. Add Connect Wallet to connect MetaMask wallet

  2. Prepare for the Incentivised Testnet Phase 1

Bug fix & improvements:

  1. Display your items for sale on the Marketplace

  2. Loading application time optimization

  3. Smoothen the running line

v0.1.6 - Oct 21, 2022

New features:

  1. Add GPS Signal Level feature

  2. Add On/Off Sharing activities in clans

Bug fixes & improvements:

  1. Fix UI for the long text of the clan name

  2. Only display available beasts when joining a clan or changing MoonBeast

  3. Improve UI when selling items on inventory & marketplace screen

  4. Application optimization for better performance

  5. Maximum distance reservation and health regaining

  6. Fix the background image position on leaderboard screen

v0.1.5 - Oct 7, 2022

New features:

  • Clan: Join clan, leaderboard in the clan, activities in clan

  • Add country to profile info

  • Leaderboard (sorted by MoonFitter, Clan, Country)

  • Update animation for opening MoonBox

  • Be able to unequip MoonItem on the Home screen

  • Start running without MoonBeast

Bug fixes & improvements:

  • Wrong breeding fee

  • Cannot open MoonBox after finishing running

v0.1.4 - Sep 20, 2022

New features:

  1. Add a chart in the training history

  2. Add MoonEgg detail screen

  3. Add MoonItem detail screen

  4. Auto-select MoonBeast in the last session

  5. Un-equip function, update item status which is equipped in inventory

  6. Clear data after log-out

Bug fixes & improvements:

  1. Cannot open the lucky box after running

  2. Claiming fee is not reduced after waiting time

  3. Wrong rounding reservation fee calculation

  4. Negative refilling time counter error

v0.1.3 - Aug 22, 2022

New features:

  1. Enable the photo capture function when running

  2. "Show map details" is set to be hidden by default

  3. Update to Poppins font

  4. Update the format of the Share Function

  5. The refill target and max cap reset will be recalculated at midnight in local time daily

  6. Fixed optimized filter in the marketplace

  7. Delete the marker in "Show map details" mode

  8. Add User History feature

v0.1.2 - Aug 1, 2022

New features:

  1. Add “User Guide” & “Feedback” features

  2. Update unboxing MoonBox UI & workflow

  3. Update Share Screen (change size, crop image, zoom in/out the map, image layout, etc.)

  4. Add the “Turn on/off map details” feature

  5. Add the “Change user profile” feature

  6. Add the “Long press stop button” feature

Fix & improvements:

  1. Not running in the background for IOS devices

  2. The app crashes when selecting MoonBeast to run

  3. Claim items when not enough tokens

  4. The app crashes when fast clicking on the “Start” button

  5. Reset today's earnings/target

  6. Notification application icon on android

  7. Start running when MoonBeast is cooling down

  8. Selling MoonBeast when it’s cooling down

v0.1.1 - Jul 18, 2022

New features:

  • Add a warning when the max cap reached

  • Update app icons

Fix & improvements:

  • Fix filter does not work in some cases

  • Fix max cap earning does not work with Apple ID

  • Fix app crashes when rapidly switched between tabs

  • Fix the incorrect count-down progress bar

  • Fix the issue where the evolution countdown time reset after ended

  • Fix a crash when inputting weight/height at the getting started screen

  • Fix a crash when the user denies location permission

  • Fix the black screen when taking photos while running

  • Fix some other minor bugs

  • Improve GPS

  • Improve the stop button in the running session

  • Improve app launch time

  • Improve pace, token earned, distance calculation accuracy

v0.1.0 - Jul 11, 2022 - Our first-ever public version for testing!

Our first-ever public version for testing!

New features:

  1. Move to earn

  2. Beast evolve

  3. Beast regain

  4. Breeding

  5. Inventory

  6. Marketplace

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