Create A SubWallet Account

And multiple ones, in just one wallet.

Create a new Account (wallet)

Step 1: Open SubWallet extension and click Get started. Then click on the Create new account button.

Step 2: The system will automatically generate a 12-word mnemonic seed for your account. Please note that this is the key to your wallet. If someone has the key, they have complete access to it. Make sure that you backup and keep your mnemonic seed in a secure location. Choose the EVM account type, then tick I have saved my mnemonic seed safely before hitting Next step.

WARNING: DO NOT share your mnemonic seed (secret recovery phrase) with anyone! SubWallet will never ask for your mnemonic seed (secret recovery phrase), even in a customer support scenario. You can not change or edit your mnemonic seed (secret recovery phrase).

Step 3: Set a password. You can change the name of your account later (read on for instructions). Then click on Add the account with the generated seed. Your account is ready to go.

Choose a Network

Step 1: On SubWallet Extension, click on the drop-down list at the top. You can either scroll down the list to pick your desired network or type the network's name on the Search bar. Apart from the first four relay chains, all other networks are listed in alphabetical order.

Step 2: Click on the Copy icon to copy the wallet address for your selected network. To acquire EVM addresses, select your EVM account and click on the Copy icon to copy the wallet address for your preferred network.

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