Introducing Mint Pass Instructions

As we are getting closer to app launching and NFT sales, let us present you Mint Pass, a ticket that enables you to mint Beast and Beauty NFTs. This is the first step toward earning with MoonFit by engaging in physical activities and burning calories.

Mint Pass Explanation

Mint Pass is a pre-mint admission that secures your spot to purchase your MoonFit NFT, with the ratio of 1 NFT per 1 Mint Pass. All Mint Passes are free and only available to whitelisted addresses. Please keep your Mint Pass secure as we are unable to offer you another should you lose it.

In order to obtain a whitelist slot, join our Discord server and check out the #whitelist-campaigns channel to get the latest updates on giveaway events.

Step-by-step Minting Guide

Step 1: Visit the Mint Pass website. If you already have SubWallet installed, click Login with SubWallet and connect your account. Otherwise, press Install SubWallet to Start and follow the installation guide here.

Step 2: Select your Wallet address that you want to connect to get a Mint Pass. Continue to choose Connect.

Step 3: After connecting successfully, it’ll take you to the Mint Pass Minting page. Please confirm the connected wallet address.

Step 4: Click to the “Mint a Pass” button and enter your wallet password to send a transaction.

Step 5: After your successful transaction, it will automatically show Mint Pass on the website.

Step 6: If you want to display your Mint Pass in your Subwallet wallet, click Copy your address in the "MINT PASS CONTRACT" section and import it into your Subwallet wallet.

That's it! You now have 1 Mint Pass on your SubWallet.

If any error comes up during the process, jump into our Discord server and we will quickly help you out.

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