Move To Earn Mechanics

Some definitions:

  • Running Session: A running session is calculated from the time user press START till they press STOP, or being force stop due to inability to provide device readiness.

  • Unit Reward Range: Your speed and reward will be calculated for every 0.1 kilometers you run.

Rewarding System

MFR Token rewarding mechanism is calculated as follow:

During a Running Session, Rewards will be calculated once for each Unit Reward Range. Total Rewards of one Running Session equals all rewards calculated for each Unit Reward Range in that Running Session.

MaxReward=s1speeds2Ranges3dMaxReward = s_1 *speed^{s_2}*\frac{Range}{s_3}*d
TotalReward=i=1nMaxRewardNxiriTotalReward = \sum_{i=1}^{n}{ \frac{MaxReward}{N} *x_i*r_i}


  • MaximumReward: The maximum reward an user can get for a day.

  • TotalReward: Total Rewards user can get for a running session.

  • N = int (Range/Unit Reward Range) ~ Maximum times your running session will be divided by Unit Reward Range to calculate rewards. The Range also includes Reserved Range.

  • n ~ actual counts of the times your sessions will be divided by Unit Reward Range for reward calculation. 1 <= n <= N

  • speed ~ speed attribute of the MoonBeast you used for the running session.

  • s_1, s_2, s_3 ~ Hidden system values, subjected to change for game balancing and fine-tuning purpose if necessary.

  • d ~ When health <= 50%, d=0.9. When health <=20%, d= 0.1

  • x_i ~ reward percentage based on user's running speed. Equals 1 when running speed is between 1 and 20. Equals 0 when running speed is equal to or less than 1, or equal to or more than 30.

  • r_i = rand(r1,r2)

  • TotalReward has to be less than or equal to Max Cap Earning. If TotalReward exceeds Max Cap Earning, its value will be replaced by Max Cap Earning.

Range (Daily Target)

  • Range: Maximum range a user can run to earn tokens in a day. The range will be reset at midnight local time everyday. If you run pass this Range, you will not get rewards for the extra run. Range = Base Range + Reserved Range.

  • Base Range: The number of kilometers a user is assigned for Run to Earn activity in a day. You can increase Base Range by adding multiple MoonBeasts to the same account.

  • Reserved Range: The unused Base Range of the previous day that user decided to reserve for the next day.

Base Range

You can increase your Base Range by increasing the amount of MoonBeast you own:

Total MoonBeastsBase Range (km)Note



Easy Run



3K Run



5K Run



10K Run



Half Marathon

Rarity Attribute of the MoonBeast you own also helps increase your Base Range:

  • +1km to Base Range for every Uncommon MoonBeast you have.

  • +2km to Base Range for every Rare MoonBeast you have.

  • +3km to Base Range for every Mythical MoonBeast you have.

  • +4km to Base Range for every Legendary MoonBeast you have.

Reserving Range

You may reserve the whole or partial (unused) range of today for tomorrow through reserving range for a small fee.

In that case:

  • Maximum range you can run today (after reserved) = Range - Used Range - Reserved Range.

  • Maximum range you can run for tomorrow = Base Range + Reserved Range

  • Reserved fee is calculated using this formula:

    ReservedFee=pkNMaxRewardReservedFee = p*\frac{k}{N}*MaxReward


  • p is from 0->1

  • k = int(Amount of kilometers you want to reserve / Unit Reward Range)

  • N, and MaxReward are calculated for the MoonBeast you own with the highest speed attribute value. See Rewarding System.

You can stack unused range for many days in a row via Reserved Range. However, there is a limit to Reserved Range's value. The maximum value of the Reserved Range equals to the remain availble Range.

WARNING: For any activities that resulted in a Base Range change, whether it be changing the amount of MoonBeast in your account, transferring your MoonBeast to another account, listing it to the marketplace, etc, Reserved Base Range will be set to ZERO. Meaning if you have Reserved Range, you should use it up before doing any activity that affects your Base Range.

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