Whitelist Role Verification on Discord

Verifying Discord role on MoonFit server helps users clear with quicker on-board. The verification process will assign users various roles and establish the credibility of their wallets and social profiles.

The purpose is to limit bots, proxy IDs and ensure safety for other users in the eco. Assigned roles will unlock different channels and help interact with the relevant tier of our community.

Step 1: Join MoonFit Discord and go to any channel in the MoonFit community.

Step 2: Trigger the verify command by typing /verify-whitelist and hitting enter.

Step 3: You’ll see a message from the MoonFit Official bot. Please click on the “Verify now” button (The bot's messages are private to you, only you can see them).

Step 4: The Message bot will take you to the wallet verification link, click “Yep!”

Step 5: Here you see the option “Connect with SubWallet”, choose your SubWallet account.

Remember to choose your Moonbeam address (EVM account type).

Step 6: Click the “Connect” button and double-check the wallet you’re connecting.

Step 7: Once you’ve connected your wallet you’ll see the “Verify” button.

You’ve finished your role verification, and it makes sure that you’ll get your “whitelisted” role. Come back to the MoonFit community and check your Discord roles now! If you have any concerns, feel free to speak to us on the #support channel in Discord.

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