MoonFit gamified users' training experiences by creating small tasks that people can easily complete every day or week. That's how people can stay motivated and keep training with MoonFit.

Daily Bonus Each day, MoonFit-ers will receive a daily task and by completing the tasks users can claim the rewards. The tasks will be split from day 1 to day 7 and users know they are doing well by completing all the tasks in 7 days a row.

Weekly Raffle After receiving the raffle tickets in the Daily Bonus and Lucky Wheel, users can join the Weekly Raffle. The rewards and number of winners will change every week. The more tickets a user collects, the more chances he or she has to win the raffle (and of course the bigger reward). The rewards could be GLMRs, NFTs, or merchandise like a t-shirt, cap, hoodie, etc. In the future, we can diversify the rewards to keep every MoonFitter enjoying the best experience possible.

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