MFG Token

MFG is the governance token of the game.

The total supply of MFG is 210 Million

MFGs are the glue that binds all MoonFit community members together.

MFG holders will be able to claim rewards if they stake their tokens, play the game, and participate in key governance votes. (Planned in roadmap)

MFGs will also be needed for certain in-game activities. MoonBeast at certain levels can earn MFG, and users who participate in some Marketing activities also get a chance to earn MFG as the game aims to be fully decentralized and belongs to all MF players. Users who devote more time and effort to building the MF community all have a saying about the game's future.

MoonFit has an Ecosystem/Treasury Fund of 31.5% MFGs that will unlock gradually. First, it will be managed by MoonFit team and gradually transfer management rights to MFG holders when the community grows large enough and become fully decentralized.

MFG Token Distribution & Unlock Duration

  • Starting Point: All time & durations are bound to the IDO date, estimated in Q4 2022.

%Unlock Date

Training rewards


Gradual unlock for 8 years



Initial unlock 3%, Gradual unlock until 2030



Gradual unlock for 18 months since 2023



Gradual unlock for 4 years since 2023



Instant unlock since IDO (estimate) 2022

Private Sale


Gradual unlock for 3 years since 2023

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