Getting Started

How to start burning calories to earn with MoonFit

To start, users must follow the steps below:

Step 1: Download App

Download MoonFit App on: iOS I Android

Step 2: Sign-up for MoonFit

After getting access to MoonFit App, you can sign in with your Social media account.

Step 3: Create a wallet

Install the SubWallet extension on your desktop. If you created your wallet on SubWallet, continue to Connect Wallet (in Step 4). If you have not created your wallet on SubWallet, see how to create your wallet on SubWallet step-by-step here.

Step 4: Set up two-factor Authentication (2FA) for deposits & withdrawals

Step 5: Connect your wallet

Fill in your Wallet Address & Authentication Code to connect. Enter your 6-digit code generated and successfully set up authentication.

Step 6: Deposit tokens (GLMR, MFG)

Enter the token/NFT with the amount you want to deposit. Your mobile app will generate a QR code to initialize the transaction. Show this QR code to the SubWallet extension.

Step 7: Submit the transaction

Sign the transaction on the SubWallet extension. Users will get the signed message as a QR code. Scan this QR code and submit the transaction to the Moonbeam network.

Step 8: Purchase MoonBeast

All your tokens & NFTS will be here. You definitely choose & purchase any MoonBeast you want.

Step 9: Start Running

Choose the favorite sport you love & start to Run now! Congrats! You are all set. Hope you enjoy your workout.

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