At the beginning of times in the vast MoonFit universe, only ten thousand MoonBeasts roam free. Female and male MoonBeasts, known as Beauty and Beast, are each by themselves on the quest to find the other half. They must burn calories to become stronger and more attractive, with the hope of winning love and bearing offspring, thus populating the universe.

Once a Beauty meets a Beast, the rose of love blooms, allowing them to breed and lay a MoonEgg. Each MoonBeast is able to breed for a maximum of seven times before passing on their duty to the next generations.

Each MoonBeast is an unique entity with its own strength and weakness. Basic functions and attributes of a MoonBeast are:

  • Functions: Run, Evolve, Breed, Get Rewards, Heal, Decrease Health, Collect MoonBox, Equip MoonItem.

  • Attributes: Gender, Health, Rarity, Level, Breed Count, 4 Equipment Slots, and 4 special Attributes: Social, Endurance, Luck and Speed.

MoonBeast's Rarity

Rarity is the special attribute of a MoonBeast that dictates the Multiplier of a MoonBeast for their other attributes. The higher these stats are, the rarer the MoonBeast is. For rarer MoonBeast, it can reap better benefits and rewards for the same activity, however, it may require more efforts or costs for doing these activities compared to a more common MoonBeast.

There are five levels of Rarity as follows:












MoonBeast's Special Attributes

Each MoonBeast has 4 special attributes: Endurance, Luck, Social and Speed.

When they are born, each MoonBeast has 2 optimized attributes (whose value is randomized within 8->13) and 2 low-value attributes (whose value is randomized within 2->4).

For rarer MoonBeast, these values will be multiplied with its rarity multiplier index.

When leveling up, each MoonBeast will be allocated a certain number of attribute points to add to these special attributes.

Attribute: Social

Social attribute affects a MoonBeast's possibility to give birth to a twin or a triplet.

We are also planning to give Social attribute more values in terms of upcoming Social-Fi related features: Referral, Group Run, PvP.

Attribute: Endurance

Each MoonBeast has a Health indicator of 100%. As it runs more, this health indicator decreases. The endurance attribute will determine the rate of this decrease. More Endurance means less decrease. When a MoonBeast's Health is running too low and reached a threshold, the chance of earning rewards for each Running Session will decrease. You should Heal it frequently for the highest chance of earning rewards during runs.

  • At below 50% health, the chance of earning rewards reduces by 10%

  • At below 20% health, the chance of earning rewards reduces by 90%

Attribute: Luck

The luck attribute dictates the rate for a MoonBox to drop when you run as well as the quality of the MoonBox that will be dropped; your lucky at the Lucky Wheel and Raffle games. Users can open MoonBox to get MoonItem, tokens, merchandise, etc. Moon can be equipped for your MoonBeast to improve its attributes.

Attribute: Speed

A MoonBeast's speed attribute (not your running speed) corresponds with how you get rewarded for the running session. The higher its speed attribute is, the more in-game token reward you will get for each time you run.

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