The Adventure of MoonBeasts in the MoonFit Universe

Your existence in the MoonFit Universe is represented via MoonBeasts in the form of Beast or Beauty. Once you have a MoonBeast, you can start training sessions which will reward you for your runs. The more calories you burn, the more tokens you earn. These tokens can be used to upgrade, breed, trade, HODL, or buy more MoonBeasts to grow your clan.

Other modes of workouts like Biking & Swimming are also planned in our roadmap. For now, MoonFit focuses on Running activity first.

To maximize your earnings, there are a few more things to keep in mind while you run.

Running & Rewarding Basics

Rewards will be calculated and rewarded for every 100-meter of movement, depending on some main factors:

1. Device Readiness

  • LTE & GPS Signal (Status: Ready)

  • Cheat detection mechanisms

In the early stages, we will first launch running, walking and jogging, along with implementing a built-in mechanism to detect users' movements. For other sports, we will require pairing with wearable devices to make sure we can monitor the right data like heart beat, max VO2, pulse etc.

About validating data, we collect a data set of movements under many hypothesis (which we are continuously testing and collecting), if your data for a training session matches a known pattern of cheating (like letting one person use 2 phones, pet moving, only shaking phone up and down, etc), such steps will not be validated."

2. MoonBeast's Attributes

Each MoonBeast has many attributes that affect how you get in-game rewards. MoonBeast in good health with good attributes can have better earning chance than those with less optimized attributes.

For example, MoonBeast with high Speed attributes may get more rewards. MoonBeasts with high Endurance attributes will give you more running sessions before you need to regain your health.

Check MoonBeast for detailed information on MoonBeast.

3. Running Speed & Range:

Values you've created should correspond with the reward you receive. The more effort you put in your running session in terms of running range, the more reward you will get.

For running speed, we don't require players to run at any specific speed. However, it is optimal that you keep you speed at around 1-20km/h, which is the reasonable speed for a training session. Faster or slower pace may result in a penalty as a consequence of low effort or possible cheating.

  • For speed range from 20 -> less than 30 km/h, this penalty is proportional with the optimal speed's reward.

  • If you run slower than 1km/h or faster than 30km/h, you get no reward.

4. Daily Target & Max Cap Earning:

"Excess of everything is bad". This old proverb remains true with fitness and doing exercise. Over training by running too much can potentially increase your risk of injury. To help you avoid over-train, MoonFit applied the term Daily Target and Max Cap Earning.

  • Daily Target: For every MoonBeast you have, you will be allocated a limit range to run daily. You can increase this range by having multiple MoonBeasts in your account. You are only rewarded for the amount of Daily Target you have. If you run more than this range, you won't be rewarded for the extra run. If for some reasons, you didn't finish the daily target of today, you can choose to reserve it for the next day for a small fee.

  • Max Cap Earning: The more MoonBeast you have means the more range you can run for more earning. This doesn't mean that you should have 10000 MoonBeasts to run 10000 times a day for maximum rewards. Max Cap Earning helps you stay away from overtrain. It is the maximum earning reward you can earn in a day. It is based on the MoonBeast with the highest level under your account.

5. MoonBeast's equipped Item:

Beside rewards in terms of MFR tokens, MoonBox is another way we incentivize users upon running with MoonFit. MoonBoxes are items that will drop as users run. The more you run, the more likely a MoonBox will drop.

MoonBoxes can be opened to get MoonItems of different rarity, which you can equip on your MoonBeast to improve its abilities and get more chance to earn more rewards.

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