Referral Program

We are excited to announce the launch of our referral program, aimed at incentivizing MoonFit users to refer others and promote a healthy and active lifestyle.

The referral program in MoonFit is designed to enable players to get a share of their referred friends' spending, including $MFG, $MFR and $GLMR as referral rewards. The referral period is limited, and the more friends you invite, the longer the referral period gets.

How It Works

Every user will find their unique referral code in the MoonFit App with an option to copy or share this code and quickly send it to a friend you’d like to refer to use MoonFit. The code will not change, and the rewards only are distributed when we find successful referrals.

On this page, we will have some definitions:

User A: KOLs, Community, or anyone who wants to recommend MoonFit to their friends and family

User B: Who is referred

Successful referral: The one who referred download application and then ran/walked at least 1 km

After 1 successful referral:

User A received:

  • 5 MFR

  • 2.5% MFR/MFG of user B’s transactions in X days

  • 2.5% GLMR of user B’s marketplace transactions in X days

  • 1-10% GLMR of user B’s mint fee

Depending on the number of refs, users A perks gonna change:

  • 1-19 ref: X days = 15 days, 1% mint fee, 1 raffle ticket when reaching 20 ref

  • 20-79 ref: X days = 30 days, 3% mint fee, 3 raffle tickets when reaching 80 ref

  • 80-209 ref: X days = 45 days, 5% mint fee, 8 raffle tickets when reaching 210 ref

  • 210-549 ref: X days = 60 days, 8% mint fee, 20 raffle tickets when reaching 550 ref

  • 550+ ref: X days = 90 days, 10% mint fee, 50 raffle tickets when reaching 1400 ref

User B received:

  • 10 MFR

  • 5 MFG

  • 1 Free spin

Withdraw condition: At least 20 MFG and 1 NFT owned.

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