Badges system

Titles are awarded to you when you achieve milestones or participate in events.

List of Badges

  1. Achievements: Badges are acquired through each individual Move to Earn session. You can achieve certain badges multiple times.

  1. MoonFit Lovers: The badges are earned based on the number of NFTs or the type of NFT you own.

  1. Personal Records: The badges you earn are based on your personal achievements during your running journey such as longest distance run, longest running time, fastest speed in 10km, etc. These achievements will be updated as you surpass your previous records.

The number as well as the types of badges are still being updated continuously.

How it works

Earning Distance: Now we will notify you of your Earning Distance after each running session and display it on the training history screen.

Earning Distance is the distance you ran and earned $MFR . We consider these earned distances to be valid distances, and therefore the associated badges will be awarded based on Distance earned rather than Total Distance.

For example, consider the "Run 1K" and "Run 5K" badges. Let's say you complete a session with a Total Distance of 5km, but you only earn $MFR for the first 4km for various reasons (such as goal hit, max earning limit, Health of your MoonBeast = 0, etc.). After the session ends, you will be informed that your Earning Distance is 4km. As a result, you will only receive the "Run 1K" badge instead of the "Run 5K" badge.

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