MoonFit's users can earn rewards from their training sessions. There are 2 kinds of Rewards:

Social Rewards

MoonFit believes that Social rewards are the best motivation for our training. Therefore, we are creating a Social system that gives you rewards for your training activities. That could be Special Badges for training achievements, a position on Leaderboard/Clan or an exclusive NFT/Merchandise.

Simplified, MoonFit is building Gamification experiences for users, so their road to being fit and healthy will be exciting and fun.

All these experiences will deliver the motivation users need to keep on training every day.

Monetary Rewards

Monetary Rewards are essential in Web3.0. In MoonFit, users earn these Monetary rewards by opening the MoonBox. The MoonBox can be earned by training and buying from the marketplace. Rewards inside MoonBoxes are flexible and can be changed by phases/themes/events/seasons.

Combining multiple MoonBoxes give users a higher level one.

Depending on the level of MoonBox, users can earn:

  • $GLMR

  • $MFG

  • MFR - Token in-game

  • MoonItems

  • Ticket to join exclusive events

  • Exclusive NFTs/Merchandises/Badges

  • MoonShop discount

  • Local Business Discount

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