MoonBox & MoonItem


  • For each Running Session, depending on MoonBeast's Luck attribute and the distance user has run, the user may receive a MoonBox at the end of that session. MoonBox can be opened to find MoonItem, which can be equipped to enhance one specific attribute of the MoonBeast. MoonBox also provides diverse rewards such as Tokens, Exclusive Merchandise, Vouchers, etc.

  • There are 4 types of MoonBoxes based on their rarity: Common MoonBox, Uncommon MoonBox, Rare MoonBox, and Mythical MoonBox. Rarer MoonBox gives more chances of getting rarer MoonItem.

The drop rate of MoonBox while running is calculated using the following formula:


  • distance: The distance the user has covered in this running session (in kilometers)

  • a = 2

  • luck: Equals MoonBeast's luck attribute

  • b = 0.75

  • r: Depending on MoonBeast's rarity indicator

Note: b and r are system values and subject to change for game balancing and fine-tuning purposes if necessary.

Based on the value of LuckyBoxDropRate, MoonBox's rarity will be distributed by this rule:

Other rules for MoonBoxes:

  • Each user only has 3 slots for unopened MoonBoxes and unlimited slots for MoonItems. If a MoonBox drops while your slots are full, you need to unlock an extra slot for it or you will lose it. You can burn 80MFR to unlock the first extra slot for unopened MoonBox, 20MFR additional cost will be added up for the next extra slots (100MFR for the second extra slot, 120 for the third extra slot, and so on).

  • The cost for opening a common MoonBox is 60MFR. There is a "Double Down" option to burn 80MFR for opening a common MoonBox so that you can have a higher chance of getting Rarer MoonItem. You also need to pay more MFR to open a MoonBox with a higher rarity:

  • Below is the drop rate of MoonItem's rarity for normal and double-down openings.

  • Once you have opened a MoonBox and got a MoonItem, you need to claim it and wait for at least 6 hours to be able to equip it. This time depends on the item's rarity. You can also burn MFR token to skip this wait time as in the following table:


There are 4 main types of MoonItems that can be assigned to specific equipment slots to improve an attribute: Shirts & Hoodies, Tumbler, Cap, and Sneaker.

Shirts & Hoodies improve the Social attribute. Tumblers, Caps, and Sneakers improve Endurance, Luck, and Speed attribute respectively.

Items with different Rarity add different % increases to the attribute (initial value) it supports.

The table below presents Item types, their corresponding equipment slot, and the % it appears in a MoonBox

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