Mint NFT

Mint NFT in app

From version 0.2.4 onwards, you can mint NFTs directly in the app.

  • If your account doesn't have any NFTs, from the Home screen you can press the Buy button to go to the Mint NFT screen.

  • If your account has at least 1 NFT, switch to the Inventory screen and click the "Buy MoonBeast" banner to switch to the Mint NFT screen.

There are 2 options for minting NFT: With Mint Pass and Without Mint Pass. All NFT indices after minting in either of these two forms are the same, differing only in price.

  • With Mint Pass: This round, 1 Mint Pass can help you buy 1 NFT, if there are not enough Mint Pass, you need to Deposit more Mint Pass. The price list for this option will be as follows:

  • Without Mint Pass: This option, you can still mint NFT without Mint Pass. However, the price will be different from minting with Mint Pass. The price list for this option will be as follows:

All the indexes and types of NFTs that you can mint are random and you will know immediately after successfully minting.

In cases of network errors, transactions may not be successful and you will get the refund ( $GLMR) in a short time.

When minting NFTs in the app, you can use that NFT immediately without having to deposit from your wallet into the app anymore.

Mint NFT in web

In addition to in-app NFT minting, we also support web NFT minting. Please visit and connect to your wallet address. Click the " MINT NFT" button to navigate to the NFT minting page.

All operations as well as the price list are the same Mint NFT in app

After successfully minting NFTs on the web, you will need to deposit the NFT from your wallet into the app to use it in the app.

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