• Transactions on the marketplace is done using GLMR tokens.


  • User can list MoonBeast, MoonBox, MoonItem and MoonEgg to the marketplace for sale.
  • Filtering MoonBeast: User can look for MoonBeast based on their preferred attributes:
    • Rarity
    • Level
    • Breed Count
    • Optimized For: Endurance, Social, Luck, or Speed
  • Filtering MoonEgg: Rarity
  • Filtering MoonBox: Rarity
  • Filtering MoonItem: Rarity & Type


There are some requirements for a MoonBeast to be listed on the Marketplace:
  • Its health is at 100%
  • It is not in a leveling up process
  • It is currently not affected by any cooldown time
Seller's Fees when a transaction finished is 5%
Marketplace Fee: 2.5%


  • Upon depositing a MoonBeast to your account, there will be a cooldown period of 24 hours for it to be able to claim reward for Running Sessions, 24 hours cooldown for it to be available to withdraw and a 48 hours cooldown for it to be able to join breeding activity. Other activities like Level Up or Healing can still be done as usual.
  • Other items like MoonBox, MoonItem, MoonEgg can be used immediately after purchasing from the marketplace.
Last modified 1yr ago