Daily Mission

You get different rewards for completing daily tasks.

Welcome task

New users created (starting 01/04/2023) will be able to complete and claim prizes.

If you have successfully entered a referral code, there will be an additional Welcome task.

The content of tasks and rewards may change in the future. These tasks will only appear once.

Daily task

Complete the daily challenge and receive rewards. You need to complete at least one task from the previous day to move on to the next day.

How it works

There are two ways to access the Daily Mission: Click on the "Complete Task" banner or the "Daily Rewards" icon on the Home screen.

Task list : There are 7 days and tasks for each day.

Each day will have tasks that need to be completed. You can click to the next day to preview the tasks.

For Example:

  • Run or walk a total of at least 1km a day. (rewards 1 $MFR).

  • Join a clan. (rewards 2 $tMFG)

Note: The task completion time will follow the user's time zone.

Click on "I'm in!" to navigate to the relevant screen to complete the task and receive the reward.

After completing the task, the status will change to "Claim"

Click on "Claim" will display a popup with the reward.

You need to complete at least one task per day to proceed to the next day. Otherwise, you will be reverted back to the first day.

For example: if on day 3, you haven't completed any tasks, the next day will start again from day 1.

You can track the history of received rewards in the "History" section.

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