MoonFit White Paper

Minting Your NFTs on MoonFit Sale Round

MoonFit Whitelist Round 2 is finally here. 1500 Genesis NFTs to buy for Mint Pass holders - you must be quick to seize the chance in Round 1, it's raining discounts and competition going to be stiff. You missed the chance in Round 1, let's do it again in Round 2!
If you have a Mint Pass, our step-by-step minting guide will clarify every doubt; please read it carefully - let's get started!

Minting NFTs Requirements

  • The Mint Pass is mandatory to buy your first Beast/Beauty in all sale rounds.
  • With 1 Mint-Pass you can mint max 2 random NFTs in Round 2.
  • Mint Pass holders have to pay 119 GLMRs (per NFT) and a gas fee.
  • It’s on a First Come, First Served basis.
  • If you hold multiple Mint-Pass in the same wallets, you can mint multiple NFTs in a single transaction.
For example: If you hold 2 Mint Passes, you can mint a max of 4 NFTs in Round 2 in a single transaction, just select the number of NFTs you wish to mint (make sure you have equivalent GLMRs and gas fee).
Minting Time: 14:00 GMT - 24nd September 2022.
Mint Pass does not get burned through all sale rounds. Want to know more about MoonFit Mint Pass’s benefits, please read the details here.
You got your own NFTs on Round 1, keep in mind that Genesis NFT holders will get many perks. Read more details here.

Important Minting Notices

  • Each person will get a random Beast/Beauty with different attributes. All official information about your Beast/Beauty will be revealed after the closure of Round 2.
  • As for MetaMask on Mobile, please keep in mind that you have to update the latest version (v5.5.1 or higher). The lower version of Meta Mask will have a bug when trying to resolve our xyz domain.

Step-by-step Minting Guide

1/ Minting Guide on Desktop

Step 1: Visit the Minting NFT website and connect with your wallet address. Select "Mint Pass" to mint NFT. Click on the “Mint NFT” button.
Note: You can choose one or multiple Mint Passes at the same time to mint.
Step 2: Once your SubWallet/Meta Mask popup turns up automatically, check the transaction to buy NFT. Click the “Confirm” button. If you use a SubWallet address, please fill out your password and click the “Send Transaction”.
Step 3: Wait for the transaction to complete. After your successful transaction, it will automatically show your NFT on the website.
Step 4: If you want the NFT to be displayed in your SubWallet wallet, fill in the NFT contract address. Then click to “Add NFT”, your NFT will be visible in a couple of minutes.

2/ Minting Guide on Mobile

Step 1: Open your MetaMask App, click to the “Browser” and access to this link
Step 2: Continue to choose “Connect Wallet” and choose “MetaMask
Step 3: Click on the “NFT sale” button, then choose one or more Mint Passes corresponding to the number of NFT you’ll mint.
Step 4: Follow the same steps as the transaction process on desktop. Click to the “Confirm” to complete. After your successful transaction, it will automatically show your NFT on the website.
Congratulations you’ve minted an NFT! If any error comes up during the process of minting NFT, jump into our Discord server and we will quickly help you out.
Many thanks! WAGMi 🌈
~Team MoonFit
Reminder: Please ensure Your Metamask is on its latest version.